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Baby Rox Grow Quilt

Baby Rox Grow Quilt

Sop glad to finally show you the “Baby Rox Grow” quilt. Ann Haley designed this oh-so cute-quilt, I pieced the top, Angie Woolman quilted it and we got it to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh just in time. I love Ann’s quilt pattern designs and she’s coming out with a line of them we’ll be sure to keep you updated on.

It’s a quick modern baby quilt that has a measuring tape ribbon included for clocking…

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Unconventional & Unexpected by Roderick Kiracofe

Unconventional & Unexpected by Roderick Kiracofe

An advance copy of Roderick Kiracofe‘s new book is in my hands, and wow!  It is another must-have.  Unconventional and Unexpected: America Quilts Below the Radar 1950-2000, a substantial book at 225 pages, is full of photos of 150 “eccentric, maverick and extraordinary quilts made predominantly by anonymous quilters”.  Ok, I clearly should not have read the inside cover before doing this review…

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Duo of Jacquie Gering Workshops

Duo of Jacquie Gering Workshops

How lucky am I that I got to do two Jacquie Gering workshops in a weekend. VERY, let me tell you!  They were organized by the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild (thank you!) and took place in the Quiltworksspace (excellent–nice big design walls) Afterwards this blog went on a bit of a vacation as did I, and then we both decided to take more of the summer off to complete other things, but it’s about time…

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The improv Costa Quilt is done!

The improv Costa Quilt is done!

Well, this one has been in the works for quite a while. Technical difficulties, a sewing machine repair and also a new purchase coupled with interruptions with quilts that needed to be done for market put this wedding present way behind schedule, but happy to have finished it.  Included, and actually a starting point for the quilt, were the groom’s late mother’s fabrics chosen by the bride. I…

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Quilt Market 2014 Projects

Quilt Market 2014 Projects

I didn’t get to go to Quilt Market this spring and I also didn’t exhibit at Surtex which is what I am usually doing during spring Quilt market.  It was a bit odd not being at either one but it couldn’t be avoided. I did however get some pics people sent or posted of the Pop Rox display in the Andover booth (thank you Daryl Cohen!) They did a great display!

I think we’ve covered many of the…

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The “Shattered Quilt” Needle in a Hayes Stack

The “Shattered Quilt” Needle in a Hayes Stack

Love this quilt!  Called Shattered, Tiffany Hayes of Needle in a Hayes Stackdesigned this new pattern using Pop Rox and I couldn’t be more impressed!  Tiffany and I met at Fall Quilt Market and talked about working on a project together. I was so happy to get my hands on this quilt for a day last week to take a good close look after it was displayed at spring Quilt Market.  The design is so…

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Sew Sundays Baby Quilt

Sew Sundays Baby Quilt

Well I have finished a small and supposedly simple baby quilt for some friends and a very special little one. I designed it in Adobe Illustrator as a sort of plaid using the Pop Rox fabrics with white to keep it modern and clean.  Why it wasn’t simple was because I was sewing it and quilting it all myself and am still finding my way. And this is my first non-improv piece (which made me want to do…

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Meditation on Peonies

A little break here from fabric, sewing, quilting and the cool creative businesses and people behind them.  Time for…peonies!  Random? Not sure.  All I know is that there are peonies in the stores these days and the light was just hitting the ones we bought in an amazing way yesterday evening, so I took an instagram shot and exclaimed to the Jack-man that he should get his camera.  He’s a sucker…

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Diana’s sampler quilt

Diana’s sampler quilt

On a visit to Diana McClun’s studio, she pulled out the sampler quilt she made with Pop Rox while teaching a class on beginning samplers–from her and Laura Nownes‘ book Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!, chapter12.  It combines a variety of beginning sampler blocks that you can compose onto any configuration you want and the book gives 4 samples of compositions if you don’t want to design your own.…

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Sew Many Creations Zippy Pouches and Oliver + S Pajamas

Sew Many Creations Zippy Pouches and Oliver + S Pajamas

Here we go with more Pop Rox projects and the people who make them and create these wonderful patterns.  First off is Jessica from Sew Many Creations who made these oh so cute zippy pouches which were on display at the Andover booth at Quilt Market 2014 in Pittsburgh. Tons more of all her good things were in display at her own booth at Quilt Market this year, plus projects in many other booths.…

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